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CyberComm Consulting
CyberComm can diagnose and repair all computer problems and perform data recovery on a variety of platforms from personal computers to corporate servers running Windows, Mac OS, IBM i, and Linux. We can also install all peripherals and software, setup and install firewalls, virus protection, backup and maintenance software, and much more:

Install, Configure, and Repair PC and Mac systems and peripherals. Hard drives, memory, routers, etc.
Diagnose and Repair all versions of Windows, MacOS, IBM i, and Linux. Install and support many third party
applications such as Microsoft Office, Internet E-Mail and Browsers, Construction and Accounting Software .
Perform routine maintenance on all systems, apply software updates, optimize the performance of all systems.
Help in the planning of new networks and network upgrades, suggest appropriate hardware, setup and configure all networks, wired or wireless. Setup and correctly configure broadband (DSL/Cable/FIOS).
Setup and configuration of Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)
Setup a network firewall and configure antivirus protection for your systems. Remove system slowing/personal information stealing spyware/adware.
Hosting and Design
Develop a web site for your company, as well a maintain and update an existing web site. In addition, setup dedicated e-mail accounts for you and your employees. Help you select the right hosting option/provider for your company.
System Administration
Perform routine administration tasks such as adding and removing network user accounts, evaluating network security, and recommending software and hardware upgrades when appropriate.
Remote Management
Monitor and alert a customer to problems, perform offsite backups, and provide phone support .