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CyberComm Consulting
CyberComm Consulting has a variety of support options to fit your needs, including:

Single Visit
Need assistance with one or more problems? Call CyberComm at (732) 240-0139 to schedule a service visit. One of our experienced technicians will visit your site and solve any computing issues you might have.
Scheduled Maintenance
CyberComm can visit your site on a regular basis and perform any maintenance that you require, including applying software updates, correcting non-critical issues, and performing an overall system check to keep your systems running at optimum efficiency.
Support Contracts
CyberComm can tailor a support contract to meet your needs. Either regular scheduled visits, or a specific number of incidents during the contract period. Optional available services include after-hours support, and remote, 24 hour a day monitoring of your system. Have the peace of mind that you'll have someone you can rely on when you have a problem.
Telephone Support
Have a minor problem or quick question? Our technicians can solve a number of problems and answer many questions without the need for an on-site visit. If possible, CyberComm will attempt to help you over the phone when you have a problem, thereby saving you time and money!